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Bavarian Motor Works Engine-uity


Having visited Germany and BMW’s HQ, I found this CNBC original very informational. Viewers are taken inside the company to examine how the brand has become a testament to German engineering.

It’s very interesting to hear the thoughts of established motoring pundits who critique the company’s technological complexities.

Despite these negative opinions however, BMW’s revenues have spoken for themselves (2010 highest premium car market sales of $1.2M vehicles).

BMW still reigns champion to this day in the premium car market(Bloomberg).

As one can see the stock price has been steadily increasing since 2010 (much higher than it’s historical average), from a low in 2008 for obvious reasons.


Corresponding videos after the jump, including a segment on Rolls Royce. Very interesting to see that BMW purchased the rights to Rolls Royce’s logo and emblem for only $66M

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Donald Trump’s Empire


Pretty amazing documentary on Donal Trump, which details the highs and lows of his career, from a brash 29 year old to a real estate/tv mogul. Trump lists “The Power of Positive Thinking” as a book that helped him during the difficult times, like when he was $900M in debt.

Piers Morgan on Shanghai

Great video below with Piers Morgan exploring Shanghai. Having recently visited the city, I enjoyed Pier’s thorough review of the city’s opportunities and unique culture.

Piers visits one of the tallest building in the world, interviews various Chinese millionaires across diverse industries, and ventures into the many poor regions of the city.

Rags to Riches: Philippines

Great video on entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

Color Emotion Guide

Wanted to share this interesting infographic which details emotions based on color, and the different brands that are associated with each color.

British Millionaires in China

A great series on China’s Rise on Hulu, video/link below. Watch Episode 5,2, and 1 (in that order).


Episode 5 below follows 3 British entrepreneurs making their millions in China. They experience immense opportunity, unique challenges, and obscure environments. Also interesting to see entire cities dedicated to one product like zippers, underwear, or faucet taps.

Home Price Appreciation By State

Friends at 29doors.com and TurboMetrics.com have partnered to produce an infographic showing home price appreciation for every state in the U.S.. Very interesting information worth sharing.

Black Swans of Disruptive Impact

Wanted to share a thought provoking page from the 2030 Global Trends Report on potential Black Swans that would cause the greatest disruptive impact to the Global Economy. The full 160 page report is available HERE and given to the US Director of National Intelligence for long term strategy.