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The Giving Rockefellers

Great documentary from History Channel! Most people know Rockefeller as the billionaire owner of Standard Oil and as Jay-Z’s rap label. However this video below uncovers Rockefeller’s personal relationships (like his shady father better known as “Devil” Bill), deeply religious background, and other interesting facts.

The documentary details Rockefeller’s:
-Exceptional business methods
-Strategies employed to control 90% of the world’s oil refining by age 40.
-Previous employment/skills as a bookkeeper (16yo) and meat commodities trader (18yo)
-Family History, and creation of The Rockefeller Center

From being the most hated man in the country, to his son(Jr.) redeeming the family name, and Nelson’s rise/fall in politics, this doc has it all.

John D. Rockefeller is considered the wealthiest man in history (considering inflation) and thus this video is worth the 2 hour investment. He also had a pretty amazing mustache at one time! Enjoy.